Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Ring

When we took the bus into Phuket Town, we were picked up by two young lads that offered to take us around some markets for 40baht. We took them up on their offer and thought we were going to "markets" but no.....we were taken to three very expensive gem stores. All though in saying that, we did pick up a couple of bargains. One of our bargains was my ring.

I have been looking for a nice ring to add to my wedding, engagement and eternity ring....nothing seemed to fit. As it happened we spotted this ring as we were leaving.........ok, Shane spotted it, I was too busy eyeballing the huge fish tanks in the centre of the whole complex. They had a shark!! and huge eels.

As soon as I tried it on, it just suited the other rings, so Shane my very darling husband decided to buy it for my Birthday present.

I have put a photo of it on here as I have had a few people asking what it looks like. Its a nice simple design but I really like it. I wear it at the top of the set. In this photo I have lifted it up so you can see what it looks like. Its white gold with diamonds inset. My other rings are gold but with white gold settings, so it all fits beautifully.