Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Lazy Day

Today we thought, why not be lazy. Shane's arms were healed enough to venture our side. We went out and lay under the pool umbrellas(Shane in the shade and me in full sun! ... Shane's arms had healed up nicely. But he was still not keen to get too much sun on them. So I swam in the pool and lazed around reading my book for most of the day until it got too hot to bare and then we retreat to our room for the air conditioning.

At 5pm we got dressed and headed up towards the Karon Market. When you are at the end of the Karon market look out for the big RED bull and the sign on the wall that says - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - COCKTAILS - 5PM TO 7PM If you reach the Karon main centre you have walked too far.

We became frequent fliers hahahahaa

Oh the Coconut dream was just that.....sighs......

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