Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fantisea the show...

This was one evening that Shane was not so keen on. We didn't know what to expect really. We were picked up by a shuttle bus at 5pm and taken through Patoong to where they hold the Fantisee . When we arrived it was a huge area and we had to go in one by one to get our tickets and then we had to enter over a huge bridge with scanners and they also checked out each persons bag. Once you entered the Park it was set up like a circus. So many little shops around the edge of it plus there were actors walking around all the time. We were to get a meal so we made our way to were the buffet was being held. On the way there we went into one shop that had a sign “see White Tiger free” so we followed along....WOW.....each room had a different animal in and was also designed around that animal. It was incredible. No cameras aloud so no photos sorry. The dinner was amazing. We entered a restaurant that would easily seat 5000 people. There was a huge buffet with also sorts of meals. We eat lots!!!! then I went back to a shop I had seen where you could dress up like a Thai Goddess. I got dressed in red and was taken out into the park and had many photos taken.

I picked out the best 5 … which I will scan when home. There were elephant rides in the center too. They announced that the show was to start and to make your way to the theater. We wondered over between the two elephant statues. As we walked through we could see people milling around we got closer they had tiger cubs out and you could bottle feed them and get a photo taken.....well I couldn't resist.

We chose the bigger cub and got our photo taken.....I had thought you poor wee thing, must have been starved to be sucking so hard on this bottle but when we hugged the cub and patted it … it didn't feel skinny or starved.) Next came the show. Even though they sung in Thai you could still follow the story. To see so many elephants on stage, trapeze artists above you, animals running across the stage and the set changes were awesome. I cant rave enough about this show and even Shane came out saying wow, that was awesome. We got home at 11pm so it was a long night.

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