Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 2 – Struck by Absolute!!

We walked up the road to the centre of Karon Beach. Its about 2km up the road, we were just exploring the area really. It was very early and the shops were only just opening up....9.30am. A guy steps out to us and offers us a scratchy card each and tells us that being tourists we can get these and we will get a prize. I scratch mine first and win a tee shirt which he says I can collect in Patong Beach but Shane scratches 3 stars and the guy gets all kinds of excited and says we just earned him 5000 bht and if we claim the ticket now he will make this money and also there is a special price but we cant scratch that just yet … we first have to go to Patong and met with some people who will show us around some motel will take 90mins. He also gave us a free trip to Phi Phi Island for we thought for 90mins it was not a bad deal. Big mistake!!!!! we were put into a taxi and headed to Patong where we were met by the Absolute Staff. They took us inside and gave us breakfast (2nd free on for the day....hehehe) then we met Marley...(A chain saw juggling circus actor from Aussie) and he took us around to show us the “show” rooms etc.

This is the view from one of the so called "rooms" that we could had any time we liked.

Then back again for a computer session on how they could help us to holiday every year....then the whammy of how much came........only $20,000. for 40 years. OMG....but we could taste for $4000 over 3 years. Of course we said NO, but it wasted 4 hours. Not 90mins!!!! but in the end we walked away with a free PHI PHI island tour, a free breakfast, free shakes and a weeks free holiday if we ever came back. So the lesson here is.....dont take the scratchy cards..just say you already done it!!!!!!

Dinner day 2.
We have walked Karon Beach and had been in for a swim, plus had gone down the to the rock you see in the webcam and had also gone up over to Kata beach, where we say a baby elephant out side the Dino Park (mini golf) She is 3 years old. She squeaks on command which I didn't know they made that noise. We had dinner at the dino park which was a laugh. Who ever said it was cheap here has not been here lately. It is the same price as home. We ordered a starter each and had thought to share a salad and get a main each. But the lady mis understood. So we got a starter each, then I got the salad and shane got the main. My salad was Papaya salad ….it nearly blew my brains out it was hot!!! and it was not what I thought papaya salad was like. Hahaha oh well lesson learnt.

These are tucked along the road up to Kata.

The heat is wonderful. I am not sure if that is how shane would describe it but I love it. It wraps around you like a blanket so it pays to wear little and very light clothing. Shane has gone through two pair of shorts and tee shirts each day. Laundry is very expensive so we have done our own and hung it on the balcony to dry. The weather has been hot and dry but over cast.

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