Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bangla Road

Well after our big day shopping we got a taxi home and dropped off all our shopping. We really wanted to "do" Bangla Road but so far had just not found the time as it doesn't really start to get going till between 10pm - Midnight.

We had been told by heaps of people that you HAVE to walk up and down here and watch the Lady Boys, the girls dancing on poles and just the general banter that goes on. So we had got really hyped up for this and were both really excited when we headed back into to Pantong at 11pm.

We got dropped off at the beach end of the road. Every night from 6pm the whole road is blocked off to vehicles so its foot traffic only. We start to head up and were disappointed to see so few people out. Don't get me wrong it was busy but not PACKED. There were almost more hawkers trying to get you go to along the rows and enter the "shows" Free entry, No cover just have to buy one drink. They don't tell you that your first drink will cost you each 500bht!!!! ok you got me ... we went along to look.

In the words of Billy Connely " I was shocked and stunned and a little amazed!!!

I thought I had seen it all............well I can tell you. These shows were not what we were expecting. I now know that if I am ever out shopping and happen to buy a canary or a frog and have no where to carry it.....I know where to put it now!!!!! AND THAT'S NOT IN MY HANDBAG!!!!

The girls dancing of poles was the thing Shane was really looking forward to.....I think our wee foxy has more life in her than these girls. If they are meant to be inciting you to enter down the rows to drink at their bar...a little effort is required. But the funniest off all. It was not Shane that was getting grabbed by the girls and groped. It was ME!! WTF is up with that?????

We make it down to were there is actually a crowd and find that there a few lady boys out. Dressed in full cabaret style costumes and blowing kisses to the guys. You were not allowed to take photos unless you had paid for them. So I am sorry but we took NO photos of this whole night. We were that disappointed we didn't even bother for ourselves.

So after only an hour we headed for home. I guess in peak season this street is just jumping but during low season there was just no spark. No money, no effort.

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  1. You will have a great party trick if you can catch any more frogs or canaries!