Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunset Stroll

So far we have had a total of two hours day time rain....and even then it still didn't dampen what ever you did that day. All week we had been trying to get a beautiful sunset. But mother nature was not to let this happen. Again it was low cloud and the sun just sets in behind it with no colour at all. We strolled along the beach hand in hand and went back down to the Karon Rock at the end of the beach. This is the rock that can be seen in the live web cam. We wrote a message in the sand for the kids to see (they didn't as it was midnight back here) Again the sunset didn't make it out to much. It was better than most we had seen. I love walking along this beach as it squeaks under your feet. Its a really odd sound.

Again we eat out, this time picking a nice place in Kata. I made a point of eating from the Thai meals but Shane was needing a burger!! After our meal we wonder back along to the Dino Mini Golf and stop to buy two bags of banana's to feed the baby elephant that is there every night.

As we stroll back to the motel we are chorused with "Masaaarge...summmtingggggg for youu Misssttteeerrrr"

There are two shops you will see an abundance of and that is tailors and massage parlors.

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