Saturday, May 23, 2009

Henry Fashion - Tailor

With all the tailors I am not really sure why I chose Henry Fashion. I had intended to go to one of the bigger and flasher places up the road further.

Every time you walk up any street, you will be approached by the tailors. They will walk up to you with their hand out and being well bred kiwi's we automatically go and shake their hand. Only trouble is they don't release and hold you there asking where you are from, how long are you here for and then the obvious.....come in side...looking is free....we make good suit for you or great dress for madame. The funny thing is once we say we are from NZ they will break out with Kiora mate etc or the Aussie version of Howz it goin mate! but they remember and every night you pass them they will call out the same thing and remind you of how many days you have left. Shane learnt very quickly that if he was caring the shopping then he couldn't shake their hands.... there is a tip for the men.

Anyway, one night from shopping we were walking back and I said to Shane, the next tailor that stops us, I am going to go in. Now it had been a week and by now they paid us no interest other than to call out hello. So when Raj stepped out and asked me how my day had been and what shopping had I done and had I brought a dress yet. I figured may as well be him. So I said that I hadn't brought I dress as I wanted one made. His eyes lit up and I was ushered into his shop as fast as he could get me in there. Turned on the air con for me and away we went. I already new what I wanted to I drew it for him. He had many books of designs so I could have picked and altered any of them. He like my design - it was a simple but elegant long dress. So he measured me up and arranged for me to come back the next night. For my first fitting. The good thing was how close the shop was. It was directly across the road from our Hotel. With you back to the hotel cross the road to the footpath, turn right towards the beach and its the second shop.

I went back the next night and was surprised to find the dress fully made. But it was way to big. We took it in and made the back split higher. Again I was to come back the next night which I did. It still was not quite right so we took in the front and made the A line of the dress tighter. I went back on the Friday before we left and tried it on for the last time. It fit like a glove. The fabric felt amazing, it clings and moves with your body. I was more than happy.

I would totally recommend that you get a dress made when over. Where else can you get a dress made for you so that it is a complete and proper fit for under $350 and that included the silk shawl. I do know that in Kata they had prices on the doors ... Men's Suits - included jacket, trousers, shirt and tie for 5000bht. That's $250 nz

So here is a picture taken today of me in my dress. I am not done up to go out, I put it on to show my mum and thought I should put a photo on here of it. The picture on the wall is one of our prize possessions that we brought in Karon. The crane represents the Thailand Empress and there are two cranes per piece as they mate for life. We liked the colours and what the whole piece represented. The shop we brought it from us up the road from the Hotel. Turn left away from beach, its up next to the pharmacy. There were many different pictures but this one was our favorite.

I will get to wear my dress soon, as I found out today I am a finalist in the Masters section of Sports Person of the Year.


  1. Nyle have loved reading about your trip and looking at your photos. am off over there in august and have got heaps of info from your blog. Did you use a ph over there and if so what sort? have vodafone and have been told just to get sim card over there.

  2. Hi Lynnie
    No I didnt use a phone. I only have a telecom cell and it doesnt roam. I sort of figured that with the 5 hour time diff that there wasnt much point so I emailed instead. But I am told that you can buy a sim card there and use your cell like normal. You can also buy calling cards and use any land line too. Glad you are getting lots out of my blog. I cant wait to go back!!

  3. Come India- Tailoring for such dresses cost $30.