Friday, May 22, 2009


This was a show that I loved. Shane wasn't so keen and didn't think he would enjoy it at all. This was to change and he did in fact enjoy it.

The show is set on a huge lot. It truly is massive. When you book you can arrange for a pick up to be included in your booking fee. With the show being further away (on the other side of Patong) we opted to get picked up and delivered back.

On the dot of 5pm the Purple Fantasea van rocked up and collected us and continued to pick up excited tourists along the journey to the show.

We were dropped off outside and only 1 person can enter to collect tickets, so I went through and got our tickets. While milling around out side there is a huge water fall that fills a large pond that is filled with huge huge Koi fish....hundreds of them. People were feeding them pop corn while they waited. Next you enter up a large hall/ramp and go through a security screening where they look into your handbag and check pockets. Then you walk through to the actual park. It is a huge carnival and the atmosphere is amazing. There are shops all around with a small theatre in the centre where they have shows to entertain the kids. There is a small zoo to walk through...entry though the jungle shop on the right hand side. It just has a sign saying free entry to see while tiger. But each room has a animal in it and each room is designed around the animal. Its really rather awesome. We didn't have our camera with us as we had read you have to hand it in before the show and I was not keen to pass it over to anyone. I wish now we had brought it.

We then went and found the restaurant. We had booked the meal too. To enter the buffet hall you cross over a bridge that goes over a small lazy river. All the trees are filled with twinkling lights and hall is decked out in gold. Both of us must have looked stunned. When you enter the hall it takes your breath away. It is huge. The whole complex would easily fit on half a foot ball Field. It was broken down to 3 rooms and each room was lined with tables of 10, all plated up and ready to go. The ceilings were all painted in the theme of the park. The buffet food was wonderful. You could chose from Thai, Western or Japanese.

Once we had eaten we went back to a shop I had seen that dressed you up as a Thai Queen. I really wanted to do this so Shane waited around while I got my make up done and my hair. Then we were off around the park getting photos taken everywhere. I then had to select my top 5 to keep. This is one of the 5.

Next it was announced that the show was about to start and so we made our way through the elephant rides to head into the theatre. As we made our way through the large open corridors I noticed people milling around up ahead and wondered what they were all looking at. When we got closer I saw people feeding baby tigers. Shane and I both said...wicked lets do that too. We joined the long queue and while waiting I noticed that there was one bay that no one was waiting for. We zipped up to it and was faced with a much bigger tiger than the others and no one wanted to go near it....more fools them. We jumped in and got to cuddle and fuss over the cub. Then once the photo was taken I had another chance to actually have a cuddle. It didn't feel starved and was not sucking for life on the bottle, just feeding as any baby would. It was such a special thing to have done and certainly not something I had planned to do.

We then carried on to watch the show. It was a huge spectacular show. All your senses are hit.....there are glowing trapeze artists that are on bungee cords bouncing around above your heads. Huge elephants walking through the middle of all the seats, birds flying, goats racing across the stage...even a few roosters too!! The whole show is sung in Thai but with the art of body language you soon pick up on what the story is about what is happening. I left breathless and just buzzing from it. We leave and find our way back out side to where we are collected and are returned to our hotel at 11pm.......the night just whizzed by. I cant recommend this show enough. It is costly depending on all the extras you get but it really is worth it. The other show I would have liked to have seen was Simone (the lady boys show) but Shane really really was not interested. Next time......

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