Wednesday, May 13, 2009

James Bond Island Tour

We were collected at 7.30am and taken for a one hour drive out near the airport to met up with our boat. When we got there we discovered we had been included in a German tour. There was one other couple (they were French but he could speak English) So we were put down the back with the French couple and I am sure we were the butt of many jokes. The guide was Holga and he was great, so he would speak to us first then the Germans. The scenery was amazing...I have never seen rock formations like it but I have to admit to being very disappointed in the actual James Bond Rock...Size really does matter...and this one was very small...only 14 mtrs high. The movie makes it look huge.

Me holding the James Bond Island

Some of the many market stalls on the wee beach. Behind is were they had the entrance way in the James Bond movie "Man with a golden gun"

Then we raced off to the floating village of sea gypsies. We had lunch here and the got to look around. We saw a man with a pet Eagle but to take a photo cost 50bht so we moved on. As we were shopping a lady came up to us carrying a baby gibbon. Before you could say NO she had the baby in my arms and so we found the price and
Shane took a couple of photos then she took the camera and put the baby into Shane,s arms and snapped off a few more thing the price had doubled cause we had only haggled for One person and she did we hand over more money....

Then we cruise back to home. This was whole day and we were shattered. As we walked back to the motel one of the many tailors caught me in a weak moment and so I am now having a beautiful dress made for me. I got to design it and it will be in black shiny thai silk. It cost $5500bth so for $275 I get an amazing dress made specially for me. I cant really fault that.

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