Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 3: Patong

Today at 9am we are to meet with the World Tour man, So we got up early and went for our first jog. We lasted 4km before we had to stop. Jogging in heat of 33 degs is tough. Its hard to breathe and the sweat the pours off you is amazing. We get back and have a quick shower and race in for our free breakfast.......YUMMY and we fill up on this as you dont tend to get hungry in this heat. We go and met up with adam and have booked 3 tours, the rest we will book ourselves. After we met with him I suggested we hit the pool. It is a beautiful day, with blue skies and no clouds. Very hot and poor shane is nearly melting. I go out and buy a new bikini (billabong for $300bht - $15nz) We walked up the hill to Kata and we saw the wee elephant again. This time we went over and for 20bht we could feed her. The keeper was singing to her and she lay down and was rolling over like a dog to show her belly....each time she rolled over she would fart...we were laughing so much, even the keeper was too. We head back to the motel and we get changed and pull up to the swim up bar in the pool....its 10.30am but who cares........out come the cocktails. One in a coconut and one in a pineapple. Yummy. We swim around the pools for the next hour and then go and get a full body massage by the pool. $500 bht each but it was worth it. Its 2.30pm and we park up on the poolside loungers. I notice it is getting dark over the sea and we hear thunder and see lightening. Before we can wonder if it will just opens up and pours. Most people stay in the pool, we just stayed on our loungers under the big umbrella. After 20mins it stopped and was back to blue skies again. We decide to head into patong beach as we have been told it is cheaper shopping.....(its not!! Karon Market is better) We grab a taxi and head in.

If we thought it was tough shopping in Karon...its 100 times worse in Patong. They grab you and pull you into the shops. You learn very quick to say NO!! and really mean it. You get to scared to look at anything and if you like something, its hard to ask how much. As our way of shopping is to browse and look around. There was is..You look at it you like it you buy it!! After walking the streets for a couple of hours we decide we have had enough and grab a taxi home.....(a boy racer car...lowered and kitted out with blue kinda car...hahaha)

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  1. Your doing so well writing this up Nyle, I am impressed.
    Thank you so much for the Mother's day flowering bulbs, they are lovely and pink. Didn't expect that!
    Love Mum.