Monday, May 18, 2009

The day to leave

We woke up at 7am and went down for breakfast and slowly enjoyed every mouth full of the most amazing breakfast buffets we have ever seen. Every day they set this buffet up. Fresh fruits, home made yogurt, bays of potatoes, rice meals, fried tomatoes, baked beans, pancakes, waffles, and eggs anyway you want them. I always had omelets.

After eating we strolled back up to Kata as I wanted to buy a necklace I had seen. The plus was we got to see the wee baby elephant again and this time her owner let us have lots of time with her. She is 3 years old and he has had her since she was 2. While we were watching he asked her to lay down and roll over. Like a dog does. I had to video this as it was just the most amazing sight to see an elephant as tall as us rolling around on the ground and each time she rolled she would fart....I mean really much so that the guard of the next hotel was having hysterics about it.

We then had to go back and pack. We sat out side for a wee while soaking in the street and the warm before putting on our jeans and getting picked up at lunch time.

At the Phuket Airport we had an hour wait so we brought some lunch. As we had spent all our bht we could only get food from one shop as we had to use our visa. So we both grabbed a chicken roll and a drink. The rolls were really dry and mine tasted a little stale. Plus they were not chilled so probably not the best thing to have brought.

As we flew out of Phuket it poured down. Same weather as when we arrived so I figured it was good luck.

We landed at Singapore and spent a couple of hours checking out the airport and using the sky train to transfer between stations. Here I brought the most coolest MP3 player. It has only been released a week ago and not for sale in NZ yet. It clips on to your ears but there are no cables it is held together by a bendy that goes round back of the head. I also brought the biggest CareBear I have ever seen. It is bedtime bear and its for my Grand Daughter.

We flew out of Singapore at 8pm and decided that we will sleep on the plane. Ha!! how stupid am I!!!! with Shane in the window seat, me in the middle and some guy in the isle was not happening. We tried to sleep but couldn't get comfortable at all. About 4am I felt my tummy start to grumble and hurt...hmmmmm....this felt rather uncomfortable and the guy next to me is sound asleep....about 6am we got served breakfast and it was then that I made my first of many bolts to the loo. I was not well. We landed in Christchurch at 9.30am and had to hang around the airport till 12.30pm to fly home. Neither of us had slept and I was struggling to keep my eyes I had to check which direction to run...when the urge came.

Finally it was time to board our plane and we arrived home with out any hic ups. Called a taxi and walked in our door at 1.30pm...home has never looked so good. My son had house and dog sat for us and so he was excited about the presents we had brought home. Next arrived Shakara and then Teagan and Josh. I was thrilled to see them and by now we had both woken up of sorts, so we entertained the kids with our stories. We never did get to bed til about 9pm but I slept until 11am the next day. We were both shattered.

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  1. Hi...googled n found ur blog abt Phuket.

    Quite informative & Am looking forward to my own trip in June

    More pics please :)