Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Karon and Karon Beach

I thought now I might add some photos and make little comments as we go.

First up... here is Karon Beach. We have stepped onto the road at our resort, turned left and have gone directly to the beach which is appox 400mts away. The sand does squeak when you walk on it and in bare feet feels really odd under foot. We swam most nights. The water being like a luke warm bath. But it is not a calm beach and is rather "wavey" .. great for body surfing.

Looking left towards the "rock" on webcam
Look Right towards Karon centre.

The main round a bout in Karon
A dragon statue along the beach road walk as you walk towards Karon.
An enterance way to another resort just up the road on the beach road from our resort.

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