Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just some snap shots

These street vendors zip along and toot at everyone. This one was making fruit shakes. We didn't see a great deal of these selling actual food. But I am told now that if we had gone up the street and along the main street we would have seen more of them.

The view as you step out side of the resort and look left. When we first arrived all these shops were open but with in 3 days most had shut. I am told that during the low season it is not worth it being open so they just shut up and come back in September.

This is the view from beside our room. The only places that had walls were the rooms and the lifts. Everything else was open. As you walk past restaurants on the street you think it is one big restaurant but as you go past you can see that there are 7 different restaurants...just no walls between them.

Here is a shot of the floating village as we were leaving. The only thing built on land is the Temple (in gold) and the cemetery. The rest is floating and joined with small planks. They have to buy in their water so flush toilets are a no no.

This one is for the blokes. These boats looked like they grabbed any V8 engine and just stuck them on the back attached a long pole and propeller ... and away they go.

This is the view from on top of the elephant looking down over Kata.

This is the viking cave that is found on the way to James Bond Island. Monks live here still. No one can land so the boats pull in as close as they can. In the left hand side of this photo is a rock formation (hanging between the two boats) it is said to be a dragons head like that of what the vikings had on their boats.

Shane feeding our wee baby elephant. Ok so she's not really ours but we saw her every day and her trainer got to know us really well.

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