Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our day off

Monday was our day off. I know Shane would have liked to have hired a scooter again but I couldn't take the stress of it. I was awful the first time and I am thankful we didn't end up with the Thai tattoo.....which is a bandage!! So we lazed around the pool and swam. Shane by this stage was quite badly burnt on his arms and legs and was started to come up with a nasty rash....turned out he had a reaction to the sun. We wandered down to the market again at sunset and brought up heaps...tonight we shopped for the kids and a few tops for us. Man you can chew through the money so fast. We then headed to a cafe where I had seen Two for One Cocktails between 5pm and we got trashed and staggered home.....but we did get some photos of the sunset … lol I think....

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