Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day In Patong

Today we decided to take a taxi in and spend the day shopping. It was drizzling and looked like it would stay around for the day. So we figured a day in the huge shopping plaza would be the go.

The going rate now for a taxi or tuk tuk is 300bht during the day (400bht at night) so we taxi in just as it starts to pour down. The shopping plazas are an experience on their own. 5 stories high with shops that have non barter prices but around the edge of each level are little stalls that you do have to barter at. So its a real mix.

There are two main plaza's that are side by side (up the top end of Bangla Road and turn right. We spent all day wondering and only saw 3/4 of it. In the end we had to buy a back pack as we were getting weary carrying all the bags of tee shirts and cotton shirts. We also decided to go to the movies and watch "Angels and Demons" Now this was soo awesome. For 500bht each (25nz) we got to sit in a couch chair. Now this was luxury!!! It was made of plush velvet and you just sunk into it. The back reclined and you also had a foot recliner too. Oh the joy, we are both very tall and struggle at movies so to have leg room and head room...oh to just have room - was awesome.

We over shopped on this day but did end up getting presents for all my kids and grand child. So all was not lost.....tee heee

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