Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Tailored Dress

I had always said that one thing I wanted to get myself was a dress made. I had designed it myself but the hardest thing was ... which one to choose. There were 9 Tailors in the street with the motel....let along the other 5 around the corner. In the end in a weak moment when coming back from a shopping stint at the Karon Market, I let Raj talk me into to going inside. We haggled a little over the price and eventually settled on one that I was happy with. He then took all my measurements and the drawing I had brought with me. Once done and a deposit paid he told me to come back the next night for a first fitting.

The next day I zipped across expecting to be trying on the lining..but NOPE...It was the dress...nearly finished. He took it in where I asked, raised the split in the back and changed the neck line.

So I was told to pop back the next day for fitting number two. This time the dress was nearly full completed. I had chosen a shiny Thai silk - plain black and it was so flattering. Again he altered the size and took in a couple more darts and I was told to pop back a third time and the dress would be ready.

Sure enough, I popped back and it was fully completed and fit me like a glove. I am most happy with the service I got. Raj owns the store and its called "Henry's" it is nearly opposite the motel.


  1. I can't wait to see this dress, I bet it looks sensational.

  2. Matchless topic, it is interesting to me))))