Saturday, May 9, 2009

The day of the Scooter Hire

Today we decided to live dangerously and hire a scooter for the day. It costs 200 bht for the whole day. Much cheaper than taking tuk tuks everywhere. This was a very scary move and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is not confident on a bike as there are NO road intersections its who ever pushes in first!!! very very scary.

We zipped off and went up to the Big, what a view and the budda is absolutely amazing. It is huge and looks out over the whole city. Next we raced off down the hill and went up the road further (we didnt want to try and cross the road so was easier to stay in the flow)

The Big Budda

Up the road we found a huge temple Wat Chalong. Here it is said there is a bone of budda. I was only wearing a short skirt and simple top so I had to be given a sarong to wear and to cover my shoulders. This was a beautiful place and you just spoke in whispers as it felt so powerful that it was almost impolite to talk.

Next on the adventure was to make it back to Karon....meaning we had to make our way through a huge round about. But with me on the back doing hand signals we made it without too much fuss. Phew.

Next I wanted to go up to the view point in Kata Beach and find the two gibbons I had read about. After taking a wrong turn....there are no street signs lol...we found the bar (plus it is for Elephant trekking...not hard to miss!)

Once there we saw that there were no one else around so decided to jump on an elephant and take a one hour ride. What an amazing experience that was. The guide sat on her head (dang my was our elephants name) and sang to her and she plodded up the hill, then at the top he got off and took lots of photos of us. Then he offered for one of us to ride her down, so I told Shane to do it and he sat on her neck and road her down the hill.

We were told that the two gibbons had to be enclosed as they were being too naughtly..well Charley was. So we walked up and played with them through the mesh of there large home. They loved being groomed and we could hear them singing while out on the elephant.

Now it is back to the motel to get ready to go to Fantasea. I will write about that tomorrow.

I am burnt to a crisp!!! but cant take the smile off my face.

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  1. I can understand how it would be hard to get the smile off your face!
    Amazing time.