Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siam Safari

Siam Safari
We were picked up at 8.30am today and taken to Siam Safari for our half day tour. Today shames arms were itching so badly and getting sun on them hurt lots. We went up the road to see if we could find a long sleeve shirt but no shops were open. (they don't open till 9.30am most mornings) So we headed off hoping we could seek shelter as often as possible. The good news was .. the whole tour was under cover...Yaya....We were put into jeeps and taken up the mountain...(up towards the big Buddha) then we arrived at the trekking place.

Our first stop was a monkey demonstration of coconut picking. I got to pat one of the monkeys but he was getting annoyed at so many people and started biting his owner. Lol Then they brought out some huge water buffalo and asked if we wanted to ride them. They also hitched up a cart to them and gave us a ride around the area.

Next stop was how to open a coconut and to show us that there is only water inside a coconut...not milk.

Then we moved on to the baby elephant display. They were so cute!!! they played a harmonica and painted pictures. They danced and also played soccer. I wanted to bring one home, but I dont thing customs will let me....damnit....

Next stop was the Thai cooking demonstration. This was really interesting to see how they make there curries and man foods. And they showed us how they make coconut oil etc.

Then we were taken to for the elephant trek. Our guide was so awesome. He kept stopping and taking our camera to get some amazing photos and would stop and point out different trees eta to us. We did leave a tip for him. We all stopped for lunch were we chatted to another nz couple which was nice.

Then it was back home. By this stage Shane's arms were hurting badly so we stopped off at the pharmacy here and found he was suffering from Prickly heat. So we got lots of creams for him. So he stayed in doors for the afternoon while I went and swam in the pool. About 3pm I went up to the room and decided to go for a run. Shane when to the gym and worked out while I went out and melted in the 35deg heat.......only 5km but if felt like 10km. The men who offer tuk tuk and taxi rides all gave me a hard time as I ran past saying “no tuk tuk for you today” We then showered and headed back to the cheap cocktails....heehhee but not before buying some long sleeve cotton shirts for Shane....who does feel much better now.

So thats it so far. Only 3 days to go and nothing planned. We did want to see the Waterfalls and a few other sites but it so expensive to get to them. We may hire a driver for the day yet...will see how much that will cost.

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  1. Your having the time of your life, so glad your loving Thailand.